by Jeff Corbin | January 5, 2017

APPrise Mobile launches international hosting with Amazon Web Services for our communications solution app.

APPrise Mobile Launches International Hosting with Amazon

Today APPrise Mobile announced new developments to our mobile employee communications app platform that strengthens our international capability and reach. As part of this, we now can host a company’s data at any Amazon Web Services data center in the World. In addition, our app and back-end content management system is now available in any language (well, actually the most common 76 languages).

What spurred our decision to embark on this development were a couple of things. First, multinational companies have approached us with regard to our internal communications solution, theEMPLOYEEapp, hoping that it can be used in any country in which they operate. To accommodate this need, we obviously needed to make sure that people who only speak languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Ukrainian or Hindi could actually use our solution.

Second, certain companies indicated that while they are now accepting of the transition from on-premise computing to cloud-hosted computing, they require that their data be stored in a cloud data facility located in their home country or region. At APPrise Mobile, we recognize and appreciate the security concerns of companies with respect to their data, particularly in light of recent events of international eavesdropping and hacking. And security is of utmost concern and focus at our company. While storing data locally definitely addresses certain latency issues resulting from data traveling thousands of miles and overseas, we believe that as the cloud becomes even more commonplace than it currently is, the importance of data storage in-country should become less of a concern.

Nevertheless, our development mission at APPrise Mobile is to listen to our customers and not develop in a vacuum based on what we think companies want. Today’s announcement enhances our offering with respect to the international communications industry as well as our commitment to offering the premier mobile communications solution in the market.

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