by Jeff Corbin | September 9, 2015

Breaking news!  Hillary Clinton apologized regarding her use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State.  How did she get the word of her apology out? Get ready because the list is kind of long . . .she did a media interview (ABC News), she sent an email to her supporters, she posted on her Facebook page, and updated her website clarifying the situation.

All are very fine communications means – but shouldn’t there be one place that everyone can go to for all info on the Hillary campaign?  Since there’s an app for almost everything, why shouldn’t there be “The Hillary App”?  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tap on a single icon on an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device that brings up everything taking place in the campaign?  And, given the nature of native app technology, any kind of content, including documents, multi-media and even live events, can instantaneously be pushed to my phone no matter where I am located in the world.  The app could even allow for the ability to “tap and contribute.”

Hey Hillary and team – why aren’t you disseminating info to your supporters (and pundits) in a mobile friendly way?  Can we chat about APPrise Mobile?  At least give us a look –   The Hillary App can be live in less than a month (and I’ll give you a very good price).

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