The Problem We Solve
It’s Not Just About Those Who Use Desktop Computers — What About the 2.7 Billion Deskless Workers?

theEMPLOYEEapp was originally founded to solve a problem that was endemic among companies, especially large ones with many deskless employees (those who don’t use desktop computers as part of their daily work, do not have access to corporate intranets, and aren’t provided with corporate email addresses).

In 2014, a large Fortune 100 company with more than 60,000 employees, the vast majority who were deskless, came to us and explained the problem — for years they were plagued with the challenge of communicating with and getting information into the hands of their employees, as well as engaging with them. They had grown by acquisition; they had multiple divisions, regions and brands.

Given the proliferation of mobile technology over the past few years (really since 2014) and the fact that pretty much all of their employees had an iPhone or Android, if only there was a way to communicate with this important audience through these devices—this could be game-changing for their organization.

They understood the importance and impact that communications and easy and instantaneous access to information had on employee engagement, employee retention, morale and overall business success.

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Staying Focused On The Problem

theEMPLOYEEapp stays focused on solving this problem, one that every company with decentralized operations suffers from. Our technology provides a secure, easy and cost-effective way for companies to get information into the hands of and enhance communications for all employees — including the 2.7 billion deskless employees who support the global economy

At the same time, after working with hundreds of enterprise organizations, we have learned that once you solve the problem of getting information to employees, then the opportunity presents itself to better engage with this audience that is the lifeline of all organizations. Solve the problem first, then engage.

Unconfusing the Confusing

Over the past several years, numerous technologies have been developed or have evolved to address “employee communications” and “employee engagement.”

Buzzwords like collaboration, chat, peer-to-peer, and employee advocacy have become commonplace. But do they solve the fundamental problem of getting information into the hands of and communicating with the deskless worker? Or are they intended more for deskbound workers and knowledge workers who have regular access to desktop computers, corporate intranets and have corporate email addresses? Do they provide value and help employees in their personal lives? Or are they intended to serve as an extension of a company’s external communications and marketing efforts? While external communications and marketing efforts are critical to companies for many reasons, employees need a reason to download a workplace app to their personal mobile device — easy and instantaneous access to important information is the reason.

Our view and guiding development principles at APPrise Mobile and theEMPLOYEEapp are as follows: first, provide deskless employees with the information they want and need. Give them an easy, organized and value-added way to access the information that affects them in their personal lives and that gives them a good reason to download a workplace app to their personal mobile device. And once you have them bought in and engaged (because they care about the information you are making easily available to them), then the opportunities abound.


The unique challenges of deskless employees present a problem that can be solved through a communications solution tailored to the specific needs of your organization. You can empower your employees with the information they need and a communications app they will be happy to download to their personal mobile device and use daily. To view case studies of companies similar to yours and to discuss the unique challenges of your organization’s deskless employees, contact us today.

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