Samsung S8 helps Nostradamus turn mobile devices into computers allowing mobile apps access for employees.

by Jeff Corbin | April 3, 2017

The Samsung S8 and Nostradamus

I love when my prognostications start to prove true. I’m not claiming to be Nostradamus; but after 20 years in corporate communications and the past five in mobile technology for this industry, I have read enough, seen enough and spoken to enough professionals to have an opinion on where things may be going when it comes to the digital workplace, particularly when it comes to internal and external communication with your audiences.

I am talking about the launch of the Samsung S8.  In August of 2016, I bylined an article in where I stated that “to succeed in the Digital Workplace, companies need consider the mobile device not just as a tool for making phone calls, answering emails or scheduling calendar appointments. They should be viewed as full blown computers that require software (otherwise known colloquially as “apps”) to be of any true business utility.”

In previous blogs published as early as July 2014, I surmised that eventually the CPU (the black box that sits under or beside our desk and takes up unnecessary space and collects dust) would become obsolete.  As a replacement, when workers began their day in the office, they would take their mobile device and insert it into a docking station that would authenticate them and give them access to the information and software they had permission to view. My point was that to the extent the mobile device was going to replace the CPU, software needed to be developed for Apple and Android devices (i.e. apps). Hence the need for solutions like theEMPLOYEEapp that made a mobile app for employees for a better user experience of software via the small screens of iPhones and devices like the Galaxy S8.

So for me the launch of Samsung’s new device didn’t come as a complete surprise. Through the Samsung Dex dock accessory, the S8 can be turned into a desktop computer by being plugged into an external monitor with an HDMI cable. From the reviews I read, it’s not quite as powerful as a full computer, but it’s only a matter of time before it becomes so.

My point today?  Keep an eye out for something similar from Apple. The black boxes that sit under and next to our desks will become obsolete.  And, as I’ve written over the past few years, start to think about what life post-CPU will be like and why we as communications professionals should start to consider the need for apps (i.e. software for mobile) to succeed in the digital workplace.

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