theEMPLOYEEapp was created by communications and HR professionals to address the challenges organizations face in communicating with a dispersed and deskless workforce. Our solution gives workers fast and easy access to the information, documents, and resources they need to succeed at work, while providing communicators with the analytics to back their strategies and tools to implement them.

How to Access the Mobile App: 

Our apps are typically available on the App Store or Google Play Store. However, we do not have our demo app available to download from these stores, so please use the following instructions to access our demo app.

  • GO TO: from your mobile phone
  • CLICK “Download on the App Store” for iPhone or “Get it on Google Play” for Android. This will automatically initiate the app download.
  • CLICK “Login”
  • ENTER these credentials that we have created for you:

How to Access the Web App: 

Our application is available from mobile or web to accommodate all users and preferences. To log in to the Web App:

Please email: if you have any difficulty logging in.

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