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ICTV Episode 11: Sharing Your Results

Nearly 20% of internal comms pros collect but do nothing with their data (State of the Sector, 2020). It’s important for communications teams to share their results consistently and often internally, with stakeholders, and with executive leadership. On this episode of ICTV, we share how to get started.

ICTV Episode 10: Getting Started With Measurement

Communications and analytics expert Sean Williams explains how to get started measuring the impact of internal employee communications regardless of your experience level or access to analytics technology.

ICTV Episode 9: Setting the Right Goals

Communication and measurement expert Sean Williams shares a tactical example of how to set objectives that contribute to reaching your company’s goals — helping you prove the ROI of internal comms function.

ICTV Episode 8: Why We Measure

It is critical for internal comms professionals to be able to show their impact within their organization. On this episode of ICTV, comms and analytics expert Sean Williams tackles ROI and explains that the measurement starts with two things: understanding your company’s goals and setting objectives that align with those goals.

ICTV Episode 7: 5 Tactics to Elevate Your Internal Comms Strategy

It’s a new year and time to solidify your communications strategy. Here are the top five tactics communications professionals should do to elevate their internal comms strategy in 2020.

ICTV Episode 6: The Evolution of the Employee Communications Applications Market

As 2019 comes to an end, CEO and Founder of APPrise Mobile Jeff Corbin reflects on the evolution of the employee communications applications market.

ICTV Episode 5: How Your Budget Impacts Internal Communications

In internal communications, content is king. But sadly most internal comms teams don’t have a lot of budget to work with to create engaging content. This week on ICTV, we’re sharing a few tools that will help you make a BIG impact on a small budget.

ICTV Episode 4: If Not You, Who?

Employee engagement expert and international keynote speaker Jill Christensen shares her insights into employee engagement and how YOU can take the first steps towards a better workplace culture TODAY.

ICTV Episode 3: Open Enrollment Season!

Open enrollment season is here. Only 19.3% of employees understand their benefits, but 78% say their employer-provided health insurance impacts their choice to stay or go. Does your OE strategy have what it takes to make a difference this year?

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