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10 Questions to Ask Your Employees to Build Internal Communications

Don’t create a mobile communications strategy in a vacuum – ask your employees what they want.

It is natural that over time a company will implement a multitude of new strategies and ideas into their business processes. However, with anything new, due diligence must be done on the subject. Whether leadership decides to read relevant materials, analyze data metrics, or experiment before implementing, employers should always consider asking their employees for their input and opinions,

When it comes to decisions on new internal communication strategies, it is best to ask the people who leadership is trying to communicate to–the employees. With the workforce constantly shifting, leadership may find that email and intranets may not always be the most optimal sources of internal communication, especially when it comes to large, dispersed, organizations. Since most employees always have a mobile device on hand, mobile communications apps are slowly on the rise to becoming the most reliable point of access for employee communication.

Therefore, to jumpstart the research process, theEMPLOYEEapp developed a questionnaire for companies to survey their employees to help guide their mobile internal communications strategy. Download the whitepaper to be equipped with the right questions to determine your employee’s internal communications preferences.

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