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Reaching your employees with relevant and important information is more challenging now than ever. Thanks to the countless communication channels available, ensuring that all of your employees read any single piece of communication can be extremely difficult.

Lighthouse Research & Advisory recently released a report titled The Evolving Employee Communications Landscape, which highlights some of the premium internal communications solutions available on the market. Each included solution needed to be able to:

  • Create communications: develop messages within the system
  • Send communications: deliver information to various audiences
  • Measure communications: determine the reach, impact and activity of the messages

Employee communications acts as a strategic enabler that encourages employees to serve customers, foster employee engagement, and deliver actual business results. We’re excited to see theEMPLOYEEapp listed as an internal communications solution for the deskless workforce. Download the report to learn more about the changing internal communications landscape and how you can best connect with your employees in the digital workplace.

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