Internal Communications Strategy Planning

Internal Communications Strategy Planning

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Last updated on July 11, 2022 at 03:46 pm

Host: On this episode of ICTV, Suzanne Caballero, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communications for Joyson Safety Systems shares her IC wisdom about how, and when, to start planning your internal communications strategy.

Suzanne: We really plan for communications on a daily basis, right? In some ways, we don’t know exactly what to anticipate from the news of the day. From the industry, from planet earth, from inside the organization or outside of the organization.

But in a concrete way, every month we’re doing formal meetings that are focused around our strategic initiatives in the Americas region. These meetings tackle everything from basic problem solving to how do we grow market share in the business. And communication is a key part of all of those. And they have formal reviews. But at this point, at the start of Q4, we’re formalizing our plan that looks at the full year.

We take into account things that are known business milestones in the automotive industry, known holidays in the countries where we operate and serve our customers, milestones of important town hall communications, or things that we know are part of our culture that we need to be planning for while maintaining some flexibility to the things that could surprise us any day.

And so to summarize my answer to you, I would say we’re in the home stretch of planning for 2021. We have a calendar ready to go while leaving everything in pencil if we need to make adjustments.

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