How to Create Successful Internal Communications Campaigns

How to Create Successful Internal Communications Campaigns

Learn how to elevate your communications campaigns with this guide.

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Last updated on May 12, 2022 at 04:22 pm

Are your internal communications campaigns not driving the results you need? Are you struggling to take your existing strategies into a mobile-first world? We’re here to help.

Internal comms pros really are strategists. This means that when there is a new program or change to communicate, we don’t just send a single message and think we’re done. Effective communication comes down to creating successful campaigns. 

This guide includes:

  • Steps for setting SMART goals before creating a comms campaign.
  • Tips for determining the right cadence and content types for your communications campaigns.
  • Best practices for change management and embracing 360-degree messaging.
  • How to measure success and share your results.
  • An example of how to create a successful campaign for open enrollment.

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