Truck drivers have the majority of deskless workers who feel disengaged at work.

by Jeff Corbin | April 20, 2018

Truck Drivers Don’t Have to Be Alone

Earlier this month, we published a blog encouraging businesses to invest in improved communications for deskless workers. Intentional or not, the failure of companies to focus on engaging with these employees is leaving 2.4 billion people disconnected and cut off from their coworkers and the enterprises they work for. The Wall Street Journal’s Jennifer Smith recently took a deep dive into the state of the trucking industry, one of the country’s major deskless workforce sectors, and the results were shocking. Despite the U.S. unemployment rate reaching a near two-year low, the trucking industry is having a difficult time recruiting at a time when there is a surging freight market and, as a result, the demand for these workers is increasing.

Working with multiple trucking companies at APPrise Mobile, a major part of the problem we’ve identified is a lack of communication and engagement. Most people would think that it has to do with pay, but the reality is that truck driver salaries and signing bonuses have been increasing. As older truck drivers retire, the industry is slowly realizing that the younger demographic has shifting values. They don’t want to work 11 hours a day alone in a truck when they have the option to work with a construction crew or side-by-side with peers at a manufacturing plant.

According to a study by Glassdoor’s chief economist, an organization’s culture and values are the top predictor of workplace happiness, not compensation. It’s hard to establish a positive culture when you feel like you’re the only one on the road. This is not a trend unique to the trucking industry – it is a trend pertaining to many of the world’s largest industries. That is why APPrise Mobile will continue to use our voice and technology platform to champion the importance of communications and engagement for the deskless worker.

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